Dissable IR remote on Samsung TV UE32D5000

I needed a new monitor for my computer. My old one was starting to act weird on me and I wanted more screen real estate. I really liked to get a 27″ or a 30″ monitor and I preferred a very high resolution. Unfortunately all those monitors cost more than my computer so it was out of the question. But TVs are getting cheap nowadays and a 32″ TV is affordable. Once you setup the display properly for computer use, it is just like having a big monitor.

But I forgot one silly thing. After I bought the TV I figured out that I already owned a Samsung TV. Now every time the wife changes channels, the monitor jumps from HDMI input to the TV. Usually right on important times. (when I’m under fire in Battlefield or something similar.) So I needed to fix it. Luckily this monitor can be controlled not only by remote but also by front buttons (yukky) and via android remote app. (YESSS!!!)

Now I only needed to modify (disable) my IR sensor… (it has 3 legs – earth, power &  control signal…  I have cut the last one.) You can see it on the last picture.

Here is the pics :

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